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یکشنبه 17 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1385
Game: MicrosofT Pinball Arcade

Release Date : October 23, 1998
Oper. System : Win9x
Protection : None
Game Type : Pinball
Requirements : P100, 16MB
RAM, 100MB HD, DirectX 6



Microsoft Pinball is a collection of seven licensed tables that represent the
evolution of pinball in
America. A state of the art physics model and realistic
graphics make for the most authentic pinball simulation on the PC ever.

The appeal of pinball is universal, it pits man against nature in a stroggle to
keep a solid stell ball from rolling downhill towards the inevitable. Now, for
the first time ever, you can trace the evolution of a pinball by playing seven
of your all-time favorite pinball tables on your PC. The widest variety of
tables, realistic ball physics, and add up to wickedly fast action for currect
and prospective pinball




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