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یکشنبه 17 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1385
Program: Pinnacle TreX 1.7.4

Pinnacle TreX 1.7.4, Convert multimedia files from one format to another
TReX is a conversion program. It enables you to convert multimedia files from one format to
another, e.g. from DV
AVI to MPEG1 (VideoCD format).
Set-up and configuration dialogues have been dispensed with in a deliberate attempt to keep the
user interface simple.
System requirements
- MS DirectX8.1
DVD Decoder
Operating systems supported
- MS Windows 98 FE
- MS Windows 98 SE
- MS Windows ME
- MS Windows 2000
- MS Windows XP

It should be possible to convert any audio or video file that can be played using Mediaplayer
or GraphEdit.
ASF ; MS Advanced Streaming Format
- M1A ; MPEG Audio ;
- M2A ; MPEG Audio ;
- MP3 ; MPEG Audio; MPEG 1 Layer3
- MPA ; MPEG Audio ;
- Wav ; PCM, æLaw,
- WMA ; M*cros*ft Media Audio Format
ASF ; MS Advanced Streaming Format
AVI ; Audio Video Interleaved ;
- DAT ; MPEG 1 ; VideoCD files
- MPG ; MPEG ; MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 files
- M1V ; MPEG 1 ; Video elementary stream
- M2V ; MPEG 2 ; Video elementary stream
TRP ; MPEG 2 ; Transport Stream ;

VOB-files are not supported.

It is only possible to convert to a particular target format if the necessary codec has
been installed on the system.
- Wav 44.1kHz; 16 Bit; Stereo
- MP3 44.1kHz, 128 kBit, Stereo; MPEG1 Layer
An encoder (e.g. Lame Encoder) must have already
been installed on the system).
- MPEG 2 PS 6 Mbit MPEG2 Video;
44.1kHz; 192 kBit MPEG1 Layer II Audio
- MPEG 1
VCD 1.15 Mbit MPEG1 Video;
44.1kHz; 192 kBit MPEG1 Layer II Audio
- MPEG 2 SVCD 2.5 Mbit MPEG2 Video;
44.1kHz; 192 kBit MPEG1 Layer II Audio
AVI DV DV Video;
48.0kHz; Stereo Audio
44.1kHz; 128 kBit MPEG1 Layer
III Audio
(the encoder must already be present on the system)

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/19751195/Trex.rar



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