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Program: SiSoft Sandra Pro 2007 (2007.5.10.98)

SiSoftware has announced the availability of SiSoftware Sandra 2007, the latest version of its award-winning utility which includes remote analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic features for PCs, servers, PDAs1, Smart Phones1, small office/home office (SOHO) networks and enterprise networks. In this version, the SiSoftware Sandra user interface has been re-written to make it even easier for users to locate the tools and modules they need. This is the biggest visual interface change to the software in the last decade. Following feedback, the help file has been updated and is now fully HTML based, providing a familiar, clear, interface to the user.

SiSoftware continues to strive towards understanding its user base better from day-to-day, release-to-release. We have recognised the two distinct markets of home enthusiast and business IT professionals. In the last version (Sandra 2005), we fully decoupled the client from the underlying technology engine in order to best aid networks. We continue to see the clear difference in the markets between home and business users, and are committed to supporting both. With this version, we now offer a home (Workgroup) version and a business (Domain) version. This has allowed us to bring down the cost for home users!

With each release, we add new support and compatibility for the latest hardware, architectures and operating systems and this is no exception. We have also taken the opportunity to add 4 new benchmarks, 2 new modules, and updated many more.

As new technology comes out, the SiSoftware team works with hardware and software manufacturers to best understand their new technologies before it is generally available. In our continued commitment to extend platform support, we have made a single multi-platform (Win32 x86, Win64 x64, WinCE
ARM) multi-language installer.

Key features

3 platform support (Win32 x86, Win64 x64, WinCE
ARM) in a single installer
13 established benchmarking modules, native for all platforms
34 detailed information modules
Huge official hardware support through technology partners (Intel*,
AMD*, ATI*, SiS*, VIA*)
6 language versions (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian) in a single installer
Enhanced Lite version (free for personal/educational use)

What's New in Sandra 2007

Brand new GUI: modern, dynamic, cool interface
Brand new help file HTML: better accessibility
4 new benchmarks:
Power Management Efficiency: Benchmark power management efficiency of the processor(s)
Memory Latency: Benchmark the latency of caches and memory
Physical Disks: Benchmark hard disks
CD-ROM and
DVD: Benchmark CD-ROM, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray* drives

4 updated benchmarks:
SSE3 & SSE42 Processor(s) Arithmetic benchmarks
SSE42 Processor(s) Multi-Media benchmark
updated File System benchmark
updated Removable Storage benchmark

New platform support:
Windows Mobile* 5.01 (Pocket PC & Smartphone)

New hardware support:
AMD* M2 DDR2 (Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Opteron, Turion, Sempron) processors
ATI* Radeon XPRess 3200/RD580, RS600 chipsets support
Intel* Core Duo/Solo (Yonah, Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest) processors
Intel* 975X, 945GM, 854PM chipsets support
Intel* 7230 chipset support
VIA* C7 processors
VIA* CN400, CN700, CX700 (C7) chipsets support
VIA* K8M890, C8N890 K8T900 (Athlon64) chipsets support
VIA* P4M890, PN800 chipsets support
More to be disclosed upon release

New hardware monitor support:
Analog Devices* ADT7473, ADT7475, ADT7476, ADT7481
Fintek* F75383, F75384, F75373S, F75375S/SP
Winbond* W83782D

SiSoft Sandra Pro 2007 (FOSI)


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