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دوشنبه 18 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1385
Program: Your Voice Reminder v1.5

Your Voice Reminder software is the part of Dynamic Time Management Suite that
relieves the stress of the time pressure, saving the time you spend on the time
management and adding the human touch to it. It reminds you about important
events in advance with its startup reminders. It lets you track the time with
ease, saying the time periodically and reminding with text or voice when you
should break. It can speak with the voice of your friend or your own and show
the photo near the calendar. It is an enhanced time manager with calendars,
ever-new random-color reminders and alarms window, printable to-do list
(together with tasks and appointments). You may export reminders (tasks, to-do
items) and alarms (appointments), take with you, import and merge.





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